Replace sump pump

Why Sump pump replacement Is Necessary?

Sump pump replacement are basically installed at home to remove the excess water from the home basement. A residential backup sump pump can save homeowners thousands of dollars by protecting laundry facilities, stored items, and the basement itself free of unwanted water.Any individual owning an arrangement and having a bottomless level needs a sump pump. This bottomless level comprises of basements, cellars, and crawl spaces. It may happen that the roofs may also need a sump pump.

Along with a Sump pump replacement a backup sump pump system is especially necessary for anyone who owns an AC operated sump pump. Loss of power, float mechanism failures, and the primary pump fizzling out are all reasons to have a backup sump pump system. It will save tons of money in the long run, and will protect items and the foundation from fracturing. Valuable items and records will be protected from water damage.

Sump pumps put off construction from not only flooding with the rain water, they also defend against sewer support that can curl up in the basement level of any building.The pumps eliminate the ground water that can happen to crack in the organizations of buildings. They also help the undergrounds to air out and maintain the dampness at low level in the air. Also, molds and the moisture are kept at bay. The deficient of humidity in the air will also help the articles in the underground to keep from molding. The person staying in a known flood plain must necessarily have a sump pump of its own.

Fixing these Sump pump replacement is as easy as to inquiring an industrial designer or an engineer to incorporating it during construction or during renovation of a home, or can be fixed after the construction by a plumber or water technician.

There are many money-making types and products of sump pumps and those are obtainable in hardware or plumbing stores. Sometimes these products can be purchased through internet. The sump pump and its size and weight capabilities should be equivalent with the houses water drainage and gathering accounts. And it can be decided by an engineer or plumber.

The sump pumps which are used for home do require severe care and up keep. It should be verified and observed once in a while. Pieces of the pumps muse be needing mending and renewing once in a while. The Nexpump has a dual mechanism using household electric supply. It will operate on a backup battery with built-in automatic charger when the power goes out. It automatically runs a self test every 12 hours. Its installation is very easy. It can also be manually set to run the primary or backup system.

The residential backup sump pump protection to ensure your pump will not fail. It was developed by the Basement System and has 3 interconnected pumps. If the primary pump fails the secondary pump automatically operates. If the amount of water is too much for the first pump to manage, the more powerful second pump will operate to help the first pump. In case of power failure

Hot water tank repair

Hot Water Tank Repair or Replacement

Many people think hot water heater problems are intimidating. Yet, when identified early, most problems can be easily repaired. Some hindrances may include rust-colored water, leaks, noises, foul smells, and a failure to produce hot water. Let us take a closer look at these problems, the causes, and how to fix them. Call Nuwave Contracting to get your hot water tank repaired.

Sacrificial Anode

Discolored or rusty water is the consequence of a corroded sacrificial anode rod. This inexpensive rod protects the interior lining of a water heater by “sacrificing” itself by decaying, instead of the tank’s interior walls. When this device is on its last leg, the tank walls start to erode and release rust into the water. To resolve this problem, Nuwave Contracting will replace the rod and flush your hot water heater.

Water heater Rumbling

When your hot water heater releases a rotten egg smell, it is the result of an incorrect sacrificial anode rod. The egg smell is caused by bacteria forming in the water heater. After flushing your water heater and purchasing a different new rod, the smell should subside.

Rusty hot water tank

Strange noises are a sign that your hot water heater needs to be flushed out. When sediments buildup, it puts strain on the water heater, making it whine or rumble. By flushing your water heater and replacing it with new water, you will take this strain off your heater and allow it to run more efficiently.

Cold water out of the hot tap

When your hot water heater is leaking, check if the temperature and pressure valve needs replacing. If this doesn’t seem to be the cause, make sure there is no rusting or pooling in the combustion chamber of the tank. If a problem with the combustion chamber is the culprit, you most likely need a new water heater. The quality of the hot water produced by your water heater can be the problem. If no hot water is given at all, the pilot light may be out or the thermocouple may need to be replaced. Getting a us to install a new thermocouple or relighting the pilot usually does the trick.

If your water doesn’t get very hot, it often is the result of hot and cold water connections crossing paths. To test for this, shut off the water feeding the water heater and open the hot water tap. If you see water still flowing that means water from your other appliances is feeding into your hot water heater. If problems persist, call us at Nuwave Contracting. This could mean the causes are multifaceted or your hot water heater needs to be replaced.

hot water tank maintenance

The sacrificial anode is a basic rod. Once it is installed, will make certain that your water heater does not rust, which is very crucial when it comes down to hygiene factors. There are also various types of rods that will ensure that you do not end up with ‘smelly water’. Aluminum or magnesium anode rod will be required and can be installed by us at Nuwave.

Flushing Hot water tank

An additional accessory for your water heater is a high quality Flushing kit. A flushing kit ensures that any solid type of particles do not end up settling at the bottom of your tank. Over time, solid particles cause larger problems with any potential build up of sediment. These clogs in your system can happen at the most inconvenient of times particularly in the winter months, hence should be an accessory that you be sure to to have installed.

Is it time to replace my water heater?

Is It Time to Replace My Water Heater?

Often during the year especially during the hot summer time homeowners will often phone either their water utility or their plumbing heater tradesman or contractor complaining of foul smelling water which also tastes bad. 99 times out of a hundred it’s usually a case of hot water tank sediment. Coupled with the symptom of putrid water taste and odors may also be low sink and shower water pressures and output.

While distasteful smell of the home water supply may sometimes in the summer time be due to algae blooms at the waters source, it’s not that frequent an issue. Winter time seasons of course it can be almost ruled out on the spot in terms of plumbing diagnostic workups. The heating and plumbing store or the water utility may recommend that you need a hot water tank replacement – yet in most cases this is both premature and a highly aggressive approach seldom warranted both in terms of costs, and actual needs.

In most cases simply draining the sediment from the hot water tank will be the simple fix. It’s so easy to do that most home and property owners can do it as simple as 1, 2, and 3 with minimal supplies, tools and expertise with little fear of damage or mistakes what so ever.

Here is a simple sequence to follow to flush the hot water tank unit:

1) For electric (non -gas) hot water heaters begin by shutting off the power from the circuit breaker. If you have a gas (natural gas / propane / butane) hot water heater shut the valve providing the gas supply

2) Next shut (turn off) the cold-water supply to the tank. It should be easy to spot. It will be a valve near the bottom entry to the water tank in most cases. In other cases you may find it as a water valve near the heater itself. If you are concerned it is the wrong valve (there is usually a hot water valve as well), trail the pipe the valve is attached to. Feel the pipe for cold temps as opposed to the hot water outlet pipe which will be hot or at least warmer to the touch.

3) Near the bottom of the water heater you can spot a drain valve. In most cases it looks similar to a faucet. Or it may be a simple round dial with an outlet to attach a hose in the middle of it. If there is such an outlet with a hose attachment- attach a simple garden hose to it, make sure it’s tight so there is no leakage. Open the spigot and stand back to drain the effluent into a safe place where it can drain away. Either a nearby sink or basement drain, or perhaps the house can snake outside via a door or window. In other cases of some older hot water units the faucet will have an outlet – it’s not meant to attach to an actual garden or utility hose. In these situations drain the water into a bucket or series of containers, ensuring that minimal spillage occurs. Have some towels nearby to mop up spills. It’s good to have two or more buckets (that are small enough in height to fit under the lip of the drainage faucet outlet). This way as one bucket fills, you can swap in the next and empty number one. It’s sort of like an old fashioned fire brigade.

When the tank is good and empty you can start the process of refilling the tank. Very important do not turn power or gas back on until the tanks are fairly full. Otherwise you risk great damage to the tank unit – gas or in the case of the electric heated unit – to burn out the dry uncovered electrical heating element in one brief second. It happens all the time with careless amateur and novice plumbers who all said would pay less in total had they called in a professional plumbing tradespeople to begin with.

Two other tips from experts. First when emptying the tank you may have to open the pressure relief valve to get flow started – not unlike a gas siphon. Secondly as you start to refill the reservoir again with cold water slightly open up the taps around the home slightly to allow air to escape as the water displaces air in the water tank and lines. Once filled up your guests and family may gasp as they turn on taps and bursts of noisy compressed air emanate out of the pipes. Just remember to turn off all faucets tightly once the procedure is underway or completed.

Lastly when and only when the hot water tank is good and full (you will be able to hear the sound of rushing water into the unit itself stop), do you turn on power or gas to the unit to allow the heating function to come back on.

It may take up to an hour to re heat up your water heater. Be patient you will be rewarded with sweet smelling and tasting water, and as well may experience faster water flow and cleaner clothes, showers and baths.

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Sump pump service and replacement

How to test sump pump

Sump pump is a simple device used to pump water away from the home or basement and to prevent water damage to the foundation. They are designed such as when water reaches a certain level, it automatically trips and starts working. It moves the water out of the basement or crawl space through discharge line outside the house. Here is how to test sump pump

The device is used generally in all basements of residential homes or commercial buildings that are situated in an area , with a high flooding risk or with a lower floor situated below the water table level have sump pumps.

There are different models and types of pumps available in the market like pedestal, water powered, floor sucker, submersible, electric and battery powered versions. These are also available in various material like fiberglass, cast bronze, plastic, alloy, epoxy coated cast iron or stainless steel and various horsepower rating too. But the most common one used are electric sump pumps Arlington Heights. They benefit the user most and are very reliable. Electric sump pumps are easy to install and low maintenance cost.

Sump pumps have a long cord. They are constructed from cast iron and tough screen to prevent the build-up of clogs. All the accessories and screws are made up of stainless steel. Electric sump pumps automatically detect the water level. When the float reaches a certain point the pumping process starts. The pedestal sump pumps are little bit bigger pump and can be operated easily. They are relatively cheap as compared to submersible varieties. But out of the two pedestal sump pumps are easier to repair and are simple in mechanism. There lifetime ranges from 25 years to 30 years.

How to test sump pump save you from certain problems such as leaking, dampness, flooding and drainage which can lead to major problems. Damage to paint and wall coverings can be reduced. It also helps decrease the decay that generally occurs such as fungus and mildew.

For the installation of sump pump, it can be done with the help of contractor or plumber. Call us and save with Nuwave contracting.

Sump pump replacement contractors also provide solutions to problems occuring if the  sump pit is uncovered, does not work when power goes off, is always running and is too loud, or switches are not working properly.

The contractor or plumber should be called to do maintenance twice a year for commercial or once a year for residential. They will check that all valves work properly, and check potential problems, test the sump pumps and interior drain system. Correct maintenance time to time will help in getting residual silt or sediment out of the system and hence, increasing durability and life of the sump pump.


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water heater replacement

5 Effective Tips About Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters can break down with time like any other appliances. When water heaters break down, you need to replace them. Taking a cold shower may be uncomfortable to anyone. For this reason, it is important to replace your damaged water heater. Is your quest for a water heater replacement? In this article, you’ll discover hints that show your water heater needs replacement.

Leaking Hot Water Tank:

When there is an internal problem, your hot water tank may leak. In this condition, the hot water heater may be unrepairable. It is important to know the actual place where the leak is emanating from. You will have to replace the water heater if the leak is from the tank. Calling an expert plumbing service will help in installing a new water heater.

Age Of Usage:

A water heater may break down if it has been operating for a long time. Most hot water heaters may last for eight to twelve years. The lifespan of your device may extend with a little luck and proper maintenance. You may have to replace a hot water heater even with the best care. This is when the appliance has been operating for several years. It will be a good idea to plan for replacement when your hot water heater is striking ten years.

Cold Or Lukewarm Water:

Something is wrong when the water in your device is not hot at all. If the water is not as hot as before, then the device may need replacement. There is every possibility that the electric thermostat of your device is faulty. Sometimes, the heating element of your appliance may go out of service. These parts of your hot water heater may malfunction over time. In fact, it is uncommon for these parts to stop working. If there is a broken dip tube within the tank of your device, it may lead to a problem. When this occurs, cold and hot water may dilute each other. This will make you get cooler water that may be unconfortable to your body. A professional plumber will help to fix the problem in an ephemeral of time.

Failure Of The Drain Valve To Evacuate Water:

The bottom of your water heater tank may accomodate sediment accummulations. When the burner of a gas water heater ignites, you may notice a popping sound. For gas and electric water heaters, sediment accummulation remains a huge problem. The interior of the tank may start deteriorating over time when sediment accummulate. This occurence may help to clock or block the drain valve. The life of your hot water heater can increase by flushing it once in a year. Consulting a professional plumber will help to unclog the drain valve of your device. When the accumulation of sediments get to a point of difficulties, you need a replacement.

Corrosion And Rust:

You can always inspect your device for any corrosion or rust. Devices that come with steel components will end up facing corrosion or rust. The pressure and temperature relief valve of your device may get rust. The water outlet and inlet connections may also get rust. This means that your hot water heater tank is rusting and need a quick replacement.


If you need a water heater replacement, then Nuwave Contracting is the right company to visit. Our water heater replacement solutions are top-notch and last for a long time. We will only assign problems to handle your project. Give us a call today for more information.

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Hot water tank Replacement

Hot water heaters and tanks seem to go at the oddest and worst times for most home and property owners. No doubt about that. One long retired plumbing and heater contractor noted that years ago hot water tanks – even the newer type fiberglass models were much less costly, and they lasted for years. They used to be half of the price that they cost now, and they lasted for many many years. Now it seems that not only are fiberglass hot water tanks sort of flimsy. They seem to last most homeowners 7 or 8 years if they are lucky. On top of that add in expensive labor bills for installation as well as removal and disposal of the old tank.

Yet often it is not leaks that are the problem – when it comes to malfunctions of hot water tanks. With natural gas, propane and electric types it frequently is the thermostat which malfunctions. Available at your standard big box stores for hardware as well as heating, plumbing and air conditioning parts and repair shops as well as hot water tank dealers, it is often the case that these new parts are fitted onto or into the hot water tank wall of course after the water heater is turned off, and in most cases as a safety precaution drained fully.

However if your hot water tank is leaking – you can spot the leak or even water gushing or the sound of running water – then that is another matter. First of all turn off the water entry valve to the tank. That should stop the flow – that is after the tank has emptied itself onto your basement or utility room floor. If you can, to save yourself the mess and damage, drain out the hot water via the bottom water drain. Either a garden hose can be attached to drain the water away , more cleanly and with less mess , fuss and damage or if not possible , or if it over-all late in the day and event , simply drain the hot water from the tank into a pail , pot or other receptacle. Then call us for your hot water tank replacement.

Modern hot water tanks that have sprung a leak must be replaced. Simple as that. These tanks are made of one piece of welded steel. On top of that the steel tank is interior to the exterior housing. Therefore even if you could spot the offending leak that has sprung how is you going to get at it and patch the leak in the metal material properly. It is not as if it a rubber tire or inner tube that can be taken off and simply patched. On top of that it is like rust on car, or the titanic hitting an iceberg. If one leak has sprung, more water is on the way.

Simply replace the sprung hot water tank. That is your best and only options and course of action. Either way if you call a heating and plumbing professional or replace the tank as a do it yourself project ensure that the project is done thoroughly and properly.


Call us at Nuwave contracting to get your hot water tank replacement

Plumber Sherwood Park

Need a plumber Sherwood park? Nuwave contracting can do new installations and service for plumbing in Sherwood park. We are always looking for new clients in Sherwood park we can fix your drains and blockages usually in less than an hour. Plumbing companies in Sherwood park can be expensive and we believe we provide the best price for what you get!

We can fix leaky taps, hot water tanks, water softeners, sump pumps, burst pipes, hose bibs, fridge water lines, reverse osmosis, tub taps and poly b water lines.


Please contact us for your Sherwood park plumbing needs

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

furnace routine maintenance

Having a contractor do a preseason, quarterly,or yearly inspection on air conditioning and heating system keeps them operating at peak performance. Maintaining equipment prevents unnecessary problems and extra costs. All contractors are busy during peak seasons. Book with us early and consider having them check cooling systems in the spring and heating systems in the fall before they are used.


Typical routine maintenance checklists may include:


  • CheckThermostat: This will ensure cooling and heating operations keep you comfortable and a schedule can cut energy usage when your not at home.
  • Check electrical connections All elecrical connections should be tightened. Amp draw and voltage should be checked on motors to make sure your equipment will last you through the heating or cooling season. Poorly maintained electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce life of components.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Friction causes additional wear and tear on moving parts. Lubricating will help make your motors and bearing last longer.
  • Blow out condensate drain. In central Air conditioning units, furnaces and heat pumps. Plugged drains can cause overflows and water damage.
  • Test Controls. To ensure safe and proper operation. We will do a cycle check to see if it starts, operates, and shuts off properly.


Cooling Specific:

  • Evaporator and condenser air coils. Dusty, or dirty  evaporator coils reduce a a cooling system’s ability to cool your house. They cause the system to run for extended times and can even cause the evaporator coil to freeze.
  • Check and adjust the super heat and sub cooling. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to use excessive energy and wreck havoc on the compressor.
  • Clean and adjust blower speed. Proper air flow can make a cool house feel cooler by removing moisture from the air. Airflow problems cause air conditioning system to run up to 15% less efficiently.


Heating Specific:

  • Check gas connections. Gas leaks can cause an unpleasant odour and be a fire hazard.
  • Gas pressure. We will check the gas pressure of the appliance make sure it is putting out the right amount of btu’s and is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Burner combustion & heat exchanger. Dirty burners or a cracked heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide in your home or office. This should be corrected as soon as possible. dirty burners can cause fire hazards.


Do It Yourself Maintenance:

  • Inspect, clean or change air filters. Your central air conditioner, furnace, and/or heat pump filters should be maintained at least once a month. We can show you how to do this. Good filters can increase energy efficiency and protect your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump from malfunction.

New Furnace? Efficiency and what it means.

Furnace Efficiency-AFUE

One in four furnaces in Canadian homes is more than 20 years old and should be replaced with a new high-efficiency furnace.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is the most widely used measure of a furnace efficiency.  This is the measurement of the percentage of heat delivered to your house from each unit of fuel.

Standard systems might have an AFUE of 65-80%, which means the furnace converts 65-80% of the fuel it burns in to heat for your home while the other 20-35% is lost out of a chimney.

High-efficiency furnaces can be over 95% AFUE, most in the 96-98% range.

You can tell that you have an inefficient furnace if the chimney or venting on the furnace is plastic or metal. If its metal its between 65% and 85% efficient. If it has plastic venting it can be between 90% and 98% efficient.

A new high efficiency furnace can save you up to 30% on your gas bill. Lets say you spend $1000 on gas for your furnace. If you change your 60% efficiency furnace to a 96% efficient you will save approximately $365 per year on gas. if you think about it that’s $365 of gas burning and not being used to heat your house.

Call us at Nuwave contracting to get your new High effiecency furnace installed!

What is SEER and what does it mean?

What’s a SEER?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

This Video is from “ComfortUp’s What is SEER?” page.
  • The performance of your cooling and heating system is determined mostly by your HVAC equipment’s operating efficiency.
  • Cooling systems are matched systems. There is an outdoor compressor unit that matches with an indoor evaporator unit. Air conditioning systems are tested and given an Energy Efficiency Rating by the Underwriters Laboratory . This is sort of like the miles per gallon (mpg) rating for your car.
  • The more cooling or heating a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes, the higher rating it will receive.  The higher the efficiency rating of your system, the less energy it will consume. Less energy means lower utility bills and less of an impact on the environment.
  • Utility companies and/or  governments will often compensate homeowners to the tune of hundreds of dollars to install high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Air Conditioning Efficiency-SEER Rating

For air conditioners, this metric is called a SEER rating, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  Higher the SEER ratings mean greater efficiency.
As of 2017, the federal government mandates that all new central air conditioning equipment be at least SEER-13.5. There is equipment available rated as high as SEER-23 .

Nuwave urges you to install an air conditioning system that is at least SEER-16. The minimum when installing a new furnace is 14.5 SEER. When not installing a furnace it is 13.5 SEER.

A homeowner in Edmonton who installs an 16 SEER system can save $1,670 in operating costs over the lifespan of their system. This prevents approximately 24000 pounds of Green House Gases from being released into the atmosphere.