Furnace service

No heat

It is essential that you understand that installing your own furnace is going to mean having the right tools and equipment. This is something that the professionals have at their disposal already. There are many instances that will require the help of a professional. Sometimes you may be able to get the furnace fixed on your own if it is a simple problem, but not every time.

The following are the instances that will require you to make a call for a gas furnace come help you.

Your natural gas furnace has stopped producing heat – This problem can be due to a control valve that is closed, a thermostat that is faulty, tripped circuit, blown fuse, or a pilot light that is out. Some of these problems may be easily fixed by you but is good to call in a professional. The reason is that you are dealing with a gas furnace and if you don’t have experience with this, then trying to fix it can be dangerous. The professionals know how to check each of these things to help them locate what the problem is being caused by so it can be easily repaired

Insufficient heat from the furnace – The causes for this problem are: the blower being occluded, blower belt being loose, a burner is dirty or the filter is dirty. These problems can occur at the same time, which can cause insufficient heat. You want to check the filter to make sure that is not the problem, but for the others, are smart and let the professionals handle it unless you have experience with gas furnaces.

Natural gas furnace keeps going on and off – If you are experiencing a furnace that keeps switching on and off before heating your home to the desired temperature, then this may be a good time to call a furnace service. Causes of this problem include overly dry motor, clogged blower or a dirty filter. Again, since you are dealing with a gas furnace, it is safer for you and your family to let the professionals handle it.

When the pilot light will not come on, you can check this inside the furnace, but don’t try and relight it until you know what is causing the problem. This can be caused by a pilot opening that is clogged, insufficient gas flow from an improperly set gas valve or even a damaged thermocouple.

A natural gas furnace can be dangerous for anyone that doesn’t have experience with them. For any of the above situations, you need to be smart and gas furnace for help. This is the safest way to ensure your furnace is working correctly.

Thinking about on demand hot water?

On-demand water heaters are becoming increasingly popular across North America as more and more families are recognising their energy efficiency and enjoying the benefit of having an endless supply of hot water. With conventional storage water heating systems, you can quickly run out of hot water and then you have to wait for the water to reheat, which can take up to an hour. With on-demand water heaters, it is now unnecessary for such waiting time. The system delivers a constant supply of hot water on demand. When you open the hot water tap, the hot water flows out instantly – and endlessly! This is one of the benefits of installing such a water heating system. The other advantages are environmental and economical.

The tankless heaters, or on demand water heaters as they are also called, have other benefits for a household, and these are:

  • No standby energy loss
  • Savings in heating costs
  • No storage space necessary

How does this work? On-demand water heaters consist of a compact, easy to install unit that attaches to plumbing pipes on the one end and your choice of gas or electric energy sources at the other end. The water is heated from the pipes that go through the unit. As soon as the tap is opened and water flows through the heater, it is heated “instantly”. The heater can be installed indoors or out. Voltage, amperes, gas type, and size of the unit can be selected. Compared to the conventional storage heaters, this is compact.

Having endless hot water on demand is a luxury that can easily be abused. Long hot showers and hot water baths daily are temptations that can easily be fulfilled. However, the general energy saving principles must be followed. In this way, the benefits of zero standby power loss and savings in heating costs, as well as instant hot water from the tap, can be felt.

Because of the convenience, cost benefits, and efficiency of on-demand water heaters, this technology is becoming quite popular. Soon this will be the regular kind of heaters used in every household. Energy efficiency brings savings on your gas bills, and also on electricity consumption. If every household used this kind of heater, the positive impact on the environment would be significant.

Other hot water systems to choose from aside from the conventional storage water heaters and the on-demand water heaters are the tankless coil and indirect heaters, the heat pump water heaters, and the solar water heaters.

Choosing from among all these needs some thinking about, and so here are some guidelines to help:

  • What is the energy source of the heater? Is it readily available in your place of residence? Will it be cost-efficient with that particular type of energy?
  • How much hot water do you use a day? What size water heater do you need?
  • How energy efficient is this water heater?
  • How much is the cost per unit? How much would the annual operating expenses be? How much would the maintenance costs be?

With these questions answered, the right choice of a water heating system that suits your household and heating needs will inevitably be made.

Boiler service

Having a boiler service is an annual service which can ensure your heating system runs perfectly and efficiently. A boiler service ensures that all aspects of the boiler are looked at in a specific order to ensure it is safe
and operation. Different companies have different ideas of what a boiler service takes into account. Some service companies may perform the minimum checking or as little as possible.


Safety inspection

A boiler service is mainly done every 12 months. It should ideally involve looking at various individual parts in the central heating system to make sure that it runs effectively and safely. The technician will inspect ventilation, flue construction, clearances, pipework and various other items as highlighted in the manufacturer’s instructions. The system should be taken apart, inspected, cleaned and then put back together. There are several components contained within the heating system which works together to warm the water for warm water or central heating. A complete inspection will check these items for correct

What is wrong with the boiler

Boiler service
Heating boiler

When getting a boiler service, the shopper should first be asked in regards towards the appliance and how it has been working. The techinition will ask questions such
as whether the appliance makes too much noise, has lately stopped working etc. Next, the equipment would be dismantled and would be completely cleaned. Parts attached to the flue will be inspected with proper care due to the fact dirt can sometimes accumulate within the components. Following detailed checking, the boiler is put back together again after which it is started to ensure it works properly. If there are any issues with the equipment, they will be
inspected and then corrected right away. Most producers suggest that the device should be inspected every twelve months.

Boiler service

An annual service can establish faults before they affect the operating of your machine. It can keep the device working properly for longer and can increase the lifespan of your system.

Issues with boilers

In the first few years, a boiler service is often uncomplicated to complete simply because normal checks and basic cleaning are going to be sufficient.
Unfortunately, as the machine gets older, the parts will grow to be significantly less effective and many might stop functioning. The pump might be the first part that may exhibit signs or symptoms of inefficiency along with the diverter valve, particularly in combi boilers. If you are utilizing a
conventional system, there is usually other elements that will need to be inspected frequently for indications of corrosion and damage. These components
include radiators, expansion and feed tanks along with the cylinder. After the initial handful of years, you’ll need to get the equipment cleaned and serviced far more routinely to avoid any problems. Having a boiler service might look
like an expense you do not need to have, however it will help you steer clear of a few higher expenses in the long term.









No heat furnace

The furnace is one of the fundamental items in your home to make it warm and comfortable for living. You need to maintain and repair the furnace timely to get the best service. There are many furnace service providers available. If your furnace has no heat, you need to maintain or repair the furnace. Depending on your skill, you can either look at the furnace yourself or hire a professional.
But, before hiring a furnace expert, there are certain things that you need to check.

Check the Thermostat
It is important to check whether the thermostat is set to heat or off. Most of the times the furnace sets to off. If your furnace is not working due to the factor, you can fix it by flipping the switch. You don’t need an expert for the maintenance.

Check the furnace switch
Some beginners do not check the furnace switch. Make sure the switch is up or turn-on. Otherwise, it will not give any heat for making your home comfortable.
Some modern furnaces come with built-in delays design. Therefore, you need to wait for some time to get heat. So, don’t hurry to call a technician.

Check the furnace Air Filter

Changing the air filter is important to get healthy service. The performance depends on the quality of the air filter. You need to change the air filter in every three months.
Check your air filter date and change if it passed three months. The furnace works poorly if the air filter becomes filthy. It will also make your family sick within a short time. So, change the air filter for getting the best service.

Check the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker can also be the reason of no heat from the furnace. You need to check the circuit breaker. If it is off or down position, you need to turn-on.
Moreover, you can also cycle the circuit breaker to get good support. It will help to overcome the problem if something wrong in a circuit breaker.

First of all, you need to check all the factors that we have mentioned. You should get heat after checking and fixing the problems.

Still, you don’t notice any change in the heating system? Then, you need to call a furnace expert for fixing the problem. A good technician can analyze and give you a solution within a short time. Make sure to choose the best furnace service provider in your city.

Why choose us for your boiler installation or service

Boiler installation and replacement
Steam boiler

Boiler installation is a task that needs to be only handle by a professional. Therefore it is imperative and very crucial to research and carefully choose the best boiler installer from among the very many in the market. Not all of the boiler installers are as good as they purport to be ,some of them are only there to fill market gap and to make money. Do not be duped by the marketing techniques and strategies because they are the worst and mostly offer poor quality and uses substandard products.

Here are tips on how to identify the best boiler installation firm.
Reputable Firm.
Select a highly reputable firm that has served many clients who were satisfied . It must have a good reputation among many clients because of its reliability and trustworthiness. It must offer free best advice on the latest energy saving tips.
Quality Services.
Choose a boiler installer whose first focus is to guaranteed clients satisfaction through offering high quality exceptional and excellent top notch boiler installation services that are unparalleled to any other in the market.
Warranty Services.
The installer you identify must make sure that you are at ease without worrying on what to do should your boiler breaks down or malfunction. It must provide a lengthy warranty services and may be a full one year coverage to do regular free or lower cost maintenances.
Hire a company that has put in place the latest modern advance and sophisticated state of the art technology as well as equipment so that it can handle professionally any type of boiler installation.
Experts Engineers.
Quality services can only be delivered by experts . It is therefore vital to choose a boiler installation company that has employed highly qualified well trained and certified staff who also have immense experience to deliver the best boiler installation serve. The staff must also be very polite and very friendly.
Boiler installation is quite expensive so it is good to go to a firm who will charge you a reasonable affordable price that is worth the value of the task they have delivered. Go to a firm who can give you a discount or small flexible installment options.
The boiler installation firm you select for your home improvement must be a license and insured firm such that in case of any damage or injuries no one will be subjected to any frustrations and headaches. The firm must also put in place the best safety standards that are admired by many other boiler installation firms.

Furnace replacement services

You want  to hire the best professional furnace repair company in Sherwood Park or Edmonton. The following are the main reasons that our professional service is the wisest choice for anyone that needs their Furnace

Experience – The professionals are experienced with working on furnaces. If you don’t have experience with this, then it can be very dangerous for you to attempt to work on it. The professionals understand that working on a furnace is going to be dangerous and that is why they have been trained for it. To ensure that your family is safe, you should definitely leave the furnace up to the people that know what they are doing. Regular maintenance on your furnace is something you will need to learn on how to do, but repairing or replacing shouldn’t be done by you unless you know what you are doing.

Saves you time – Everyone these days have busy lives and no extra time to have an experience in repair a furnace. By letting the professionals handle it, you will save yourself time from having done this right.

Equipment – The professionals have the right equipment to make sure your furnace is working correctly. They also have the right replacement parts or know where to get them if it needs to be fixed. This is something you will have to take time to search for, which will cost you more time. Plus, you will have to take the time to go get the things that you need to repair your furnace, which is another way to lose time you don’t have.

Keeps your family safe –
When you hire someone that knows what they are doing, you will be making sure your family is safe. Most people don’t realize that working on a furnace can be dangerous. If you don’t do something correctly, you can cause the furnace to explode or other bad things. To make sure you don’t put your family in danger, be smart and let the professionals handle it because they know how to keep your family safe since they are trained.

These are essential considerations that are vital to hire furnace service for Furnace replacement in your home, instead of taking the job on yourself. Now, it is time to decide if this is the
smart choice for you, or if you want to try and do it yourself anyway.

Replace sump pump

Why Sump pump replacement Is Necessary?

Sump pump replacement are basically installed at home to remove the excess water from the home basement. A residential backup sump pump can save homeowners thousands of dollars by protecting laundry facilities, stored items, and the basement itself free of unwanted water.Any individual owning an arrangement and having a bottomless level needs a sump pump. This bottomless level comprises of basements, cellars, and crawl spaces. It may happen that the roofs may also need a sump pump.

Along with a Sump pump replacement a backup sump pump system is especially necessary for anyone who owns an AC operated sump pump. Loss of power, float mechanism failures, and the primary pump fizzling out are all reasons to have a backup sump pump system. It will save tons of money in the long run, and will protect items and the foundation from fracturing. Valuable items and records will be protected from water damage.

Sump pumps put off construction from not only flooding with the rain water, they also defend against sewer support that can curl up in the basement level of any building.The pumps eliminate the ground water that can happen to crack in the organizations of buildings. They also help the undergrounds to air out and maintain the dampness at low level in the air. Also, molds and the moisture are kept at bay. The deficient of humidity in the air will also help the articles in the underground to keep from molding. The person staying in a known flood plain must necessarily have a sump pump of its own.

Fixing these Sump pump replacement is as easy as to inquiring an industrial designer or an engineer to incorporating it during construction or during renovation of a home, or can be fixed after the construction by a plumber or water technician.

There are many money-making types and products of sump pumps and those are obtainable in hardware or plumbing stores. Sometimes these products can be purchased through internet. The sump pump and its size and weight capabilities should be equivalent with the houses water drainage and gathering accounts. And it can be decided by an engineer or plumber.

The sump pumps which are used for home do require severe care and up keep. It should be verified and observed once in a while. Pieces of the pumps muse be needing mending and renewing once in a while. The Nexpump has a dual mechanism using household electric supply. It will operate on a backup battery with built-in automatic charger when the power goes out. It automatically runs a self test every 12 hours. Its installation is very easy. It can also be manually set to run the primary or backup system.

The residential backup sump pump protection to ensure your pump will not fail. It was developed by the Basement System and has 3 interconnected pumps. If the primary pump fails the secondary pump automatically operates. If the amount of water is too much for the first pump to manage, the more powerful second pump will operate to help the first pump. In case of power failure

Hot water tank repair

Hot Water Tank Repair or Replacement

Many people think hot water heater problems are intimidating. Yet, when identified early, most problems can be easily repaired. Some hindrances may include rust-colored water, leaks, noises, foul smells, and a failure to produce hot water. Let us take a closer look at these problems, the causes, and how to fix them. Call Nuwave Contracting to get your hot water tank repaired.

Sacrificial Anode

Discolored or rusty water is the consequence of a corroded sacrificial anode rod. This inexpensive rod protects the interior lining of a water heater by “sacrificing” itself by decaying, instead of the tank’s interior walls. When this device is on its last leg, the tank walls start to erode and release rust into the water. To resolve this problem, Nuwave Contracting will replace the rod and flush your hot water heater.

Water heater Rumbling

When your hot water heater releases a rotten egg smell, it is the result of an incorrect sacrificial anode rod. The egg smell is caused by bacteria forming in the water heater. After flushing your water heater and purchasing a different new rod, the smell should subside.

Rusty hot water tank

Strange noises are a sign that your hot water heater needs to be flushed out. When sediments buildup, it puts strain on the water heater, making it whine or rumble. By flushing your water heater and replacing it with new water, you will take this strain off your heater and allow it to run more efficiently.

Cold water out of the hot tap

When your hot water heater is leaking, check if the temperature and pressure valve needs replacing. If this doesn’t seem to be the cause, make sure there is no rusting or pooling in the combustion chamber of the tank. If a problem with the combustion chamber is the culprit, you most likely need a new water heater. The quality of the hot water produced by your water heater can be the problem. If no hot water is given at all, the pilot light may be out or the thermocouple may need to be replaced. Getting a us to install a new thermocouple or relighting the pilot usually does the trick.

If your water doesn’t get very hot, it often is the result of hot and cold water connections crossing paths. To test for this, shut off the water feeding the water heater and open the hot water tap. If you see water still flowing that means water from your other appliances is feeding into your hot water heater. If problems persist, call us at Nuwave Contracting. This could mean the causes are multifaceted or your hot water heater needs to be replaced.

hot water tank maintenance

The sacrificial anode is a basic rod. Once it is installed, will make certain that your water heater does not rust, which is very crucial when it comes down to hygiene factors. There are also various types of rods that will ensure that you do not end up with ‘smelly water’. Aluminum or magnesium anode rod will be required and can be installed by us at Nuwave.

Flushing Hot water tank

An additional accessory for your water heater is a high quality Flushing kit. A flushing kit ensures that any solid type of particles do not end up settling at the bottom of your tank. Over time, solid particles cause larger problems with any potential build up of sediment. These clogs in your system can happen at the most inconvenient of times particularly in the winter months, hence should be an accessory that you be sure to to have installed.

Is it time to replace my water heater?

Is It Time to Replace My Water Heater?

Often during the year especially during the hot summer time homeowners will often phone either their water utility or their plumbing heater tradesman or contractor complaining of foul smelling water which also tastes bad. 99 times out of a hundred it’s usually a case of hot water tank sediment. Coupled with the symptom of putrid water taste and odors may also be low sink and shower water pressures and output.

While distasteful smell of the home water supply may sometimes in the summer time be due to algae blooms at the waters source, it’s not that frequent an issue. Winter time seasons of course it can be almost ruled out on the spot in terms of plumbing diagnostic workups. The heating and plumbing store or the water utility may recommend that you need a hot water tank replacement – yet in most cases this is both premature and a highly aggressive approach seldom warranted both in terms of costs, and actual needs.

In most cases simply draining the sediment from the hot water tank will be the simple fix. It’s so easy to do that most home and property owners can do it as simple as 1, 2, and 3 with minimal supplies, tools and expertise with little fear of damage or mistakes what so ever.

Here is a simple sequence to follow to flush the hot water tank unit:

1) For electric (non -gas) hot water heaters begin by shutting off the power from the circuit breaker. If you have a gas (natural gas / propane / butane) hot water heater shut the valve providing the gas supply

2) Next shut (turn off) the cold-water supply to the tank. It should be easy to spot. It will be a valve near the bottom entry to the water tank in most cases. In other cases you may find it as a water valve near the heater itself. If you are concerned it is the wrong valve (there is usually a hot water valve as well), trail the pipe the valve is attached to. Feel the pipe for cold temps as opposed to the hot water outlet pipe which will be hot or at least warmer to the touch.

3) Near the bottom of the water heater you can spot a drain valve. In most cases it looks similar to a faucet. Or it may be a simple round dial with an outlet to attach a hose in the middle of it. If there is such an outlet with a hose attachment- attach a simple garden hose to it, make sure it’s tight so there is no leakage. Open the spigot and stand back to drain the effluent into a safe place where it can drain away. Either a nearby sink or basement drain, or perhaps the house can snake outside via a door or window. In other cases of some older hot water units the faucet will have an outlet – it’s not meant to attach to an actual garden or utility hose. In these situations drain the water into a bucket or series of containers, ensuring that minimal spillage occurs. Have some towels nearby to mop up spills. It’s good to have two or more buckets (that are small enough in height to fit under the lip of the drainage faucet outlet). This way as one bucket fills, you can swap in the next and empty number one. It’s sort of like an old fashioned fire brigade.

When the tank is good and empty you can start the process of refilling the tank. Very important do not turn power or gas back on until the tanks are fairly full. Otherwise you risk great damage to the tank unit – gas or in the case of the electric heated unit – to burn out the dry uncovered electrical heating element in one brief second. It happens all the time with careless amateur and novice plumbers who all said would pay less in total had they called in a professional plumbing tradespeople to begin with.

Two other tips from experts. First when emptying the tank you may have to open the pressure relief valve to get flow started – not unlike a gas siphon. Secondly as you start to refill the reservoir again with cold water slightly open up the taps around the home slightly to allow air to escape as the water displaces air in the water tank and lines. Once filled up your guests and family may gasp as they turn on taps and bursts of noisy compressed air emanate out of the pipes. Just remember to turn off all faucets tightly once the procedure is underway or completed.

Lastly when and only when the hot water tank is good and full (you will be able to hear the sound of rushing water into the unit itself stop), do you turn on power or gas to the unit to allow the heating function to come back on.

It may take up to an hour to re heat up your water heater. Be patient you will be rewarded with sweet smelling and tasting water, and as well may experience faster water flow and cleaner clothes, showers and baths.

hot water tank replacement


Sump pump service and replacement

How to test sump pump.

Sump pump is a simple device used to pump water away from the home or basement and to prevent water damage to the foundation. They are designed such as when water reaches a certain level, it automatically trips and starts working. It moves the water out of the basement or crawl space through discharge line outside the house. Here is how to test sump pump

The device is used generally in all basements of residential homes or commercial buildings that are situated in an area , with a high flooding risk or with a lower floor situated below the water table level have sump pumps.

There are different models and types of pumps available in the market like pedestal, water powered, floor sucker, submersible, electric and battery powered versions. These are also available in various material like fiberglass, cast bronze, plastic, alloy, epoxy coated cast iron or stainless steel and various horsepower rating too. But the most common one used are electric sump pumps Arlington Heights. They benefit the user most and are very reliable. Electric sump pumps are easy to install and low maintenance cost.

Sump pumps have a long cord. They are constructed from cast iron and tough screen to prevent the build-up of clogs. All the accessories and screws are made up of stainless steel. Electric sump pumps automatically detect the water level. When the float reaches a certain point the pumping process starts. The pedestal sump pumps are little bit bigger pump and can be operated easily. They are relatively cheap as compared to submersible varieties. But out of the two pedestal sump pumps are easier to repair and are simple in mechanism. There lifetime ranges from 25 years to 30 years.

How to test sump pump save you from certain problems such as leaking, dampness, flooding and drainage which can lead to major problems. Damage to paint and wall coverings can be reduced. It also helps decrease the decay that generally occurs such as fungus and mildew.

For the installation of sump pump, it can be done with the help of contractor or plumber. Call us and save with Nuwave contracting.

Sump pump replacement contractors also provide solutions to problems occuring if the  sump pit is uncovered, does not work when power goes off, is always running and is too loud, or switches are not working properly.

The contractor or plumber should be called to do maintenance twice a year for commercial or once a year for residential. They will check that all valves work properly, and check potential problems, test the sump pumps and interior drain system. Correct maintenance time to time will help in getting residual silt or sediment out of the system and hence, increasing durability and life of the sump pump.


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